Local Gastronomy

The cuisine of Ceará has tropical and exotic flavors, with peculiar seasoning, pleasing even the most demanding tastes. In general, its dishes show striking traces of the popular culture, some of its characteristics can also be traced back to the colonizers and their influence.

Seafood is the main component of our gastronomy, it can be found, in large variety, throughout the whole of Ceará’s coast. Crabs, shrimp, and oysters form the menu of the restaurants, that serve them in assorted and appetizing ways. One of the most traditional dishes is the “Peixada ao Molho com Legumes”, accompanied by a side dish of flour, while the lobster is the most refined dish, and the visitor’s favorite.

But the cuisine of Ceará is more than just seafood, from the hinterland, comes the “Carne do Sol” accompanied by cassava, the popular “Baião de dois”, the green beans, and lots of strongly seasoned food like the “Sarrabulho”, the “Carneirada” and the “Panelada”.

From the sugarcane the Cachaça is made, a drink that conquered the world. And it’s impossible not to mention the delicious cakes and sweets from the June Festivals, as well as the delicious juices and ice cream made with tropical fruits.

Ceará’s cuisine was directly influenced by the alimentary habits from the indigenous people that lived in the State, as well as by the cuisine of the european colonizer’s. the influence from black people has also been very strong in the Northwestern Region, specially in the sugarcane cycle, and has left many marks in the cuisine of Ceará. All this racial mixture is responsible for a gastronomical heritage that can be seen on the alimentary habits of the population up to this day.

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