The international cynophilia has been vary well administrated by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, based in Belgium, and created in 1911. Some of the merit of such administration is due to the existence of the Sections, that contribute greatly to the strengthening of the cynophilia worldwide. When it comes to Latin America, the Section responsible is the Americas and the Caribbean, based in Mexico, that encompasses, geographically, all the countries of South and Central America.

Based on that, it is possible to deduce the importance of the International Dog Show of the Americas and the Caribbean, that occurs once a year, in a single affiliated country at a time, gathering dogs from all over Latin America. It’s a singular opportunity to compare breeds and breedings from different countries in a single event, judged by renowned judges from many parts of the world.

For the 2018 edition of the International Dog Show of the Americas and the Caribbean, that will occur in Brazil, the capital city Fortaleza was chosen to host the event, as a way to crown the expressive growth of the local cynophilia. The event will occur between May 31 and June 3 of 2018, at the Centro de Eventos do Ceará.

The dog shows will be divided in the following way: on May 31, the specialized dog shows and the national conformation of breed will be held; on June 1 and 2, respectively, there will be two dog shows in allusion to the anniversary of CBKC; finally, on June 3 the International Dog Show of the Americas and the Caribbean will occur. In parallel to the main event, there will be council meetings, judging of specific classes, presentations and other events that will enrich this edition of this important intercontinental competition.

Come participate of this great event, a mark to the Northwestern cynophilia, and make sure to enjoy the worldly know hospitality of the people of Ceará, that awaits you with open arms.

Americas and the Caribbean Dogshow

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Av. Washington Soares, 999 - Edson Queiroz
CEP: 60811-341, Fortaleza-CE


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